10-Color Highlighters – Clear Sticky Notes™


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These 10-color bright highlighters are the perfect companion to our Clear Sticky Notes™. Highlight your favorite passages in books, documents, and textbooks. Don’t worry about ruining them because these dual-head highlighters are erasable!

With 10 beautiful, fluorescent colors in a box, you’re sure to never run out of dazzling colors to emphasize your notes.

If you don’t want to write on your books directly, these highlighters work perfectly with Clear Sticky Notes. They dry fast and don’t smudge, so you can highlight your notes or books and simply remove the Clear Sticky Note to remove the highlight. Stick the note somewhere else and you’ve easily highlighted a different passage with the same highlight!

The possibilities are endless. We highly recommend these highlighters for your school or office needs.

10 Bright Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Lake Blue, Green, Fluorescent Green, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, and Rose Red.


  • Brush Tip: Oblique
  • Packaging: Set
  • Size: Normal
  • Package Quantity: 10 colors/box
  • Erasable: Yes
  • Type: Highlighter
  • Multi Colored: Yes
  • Use: Office & School Markers
  • Dual-side Writing: No
  • Model Number: YU01


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