Rose Gold Transparent Stapler – Clear Sticky Notes™


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The Rose Gold Transparent Stapler will be the staple of your stationery supplies and instead of being shoved to the back of your desk drawer, can stand prominently on the tabletop.

The transparent body allows you to view the inner rose gold machinations of the stapler, designed to accent your workspace without stealing all the attention. Chic, minimal, functional — what more could you want from a stapler?

Don’t forget to buy the Rose Gold Staples to complete your Transparent Stapler.



  • Model: Rose Gold
  • Throat Depth: NO
  • Type: Standard Stapler
  • Staple Capacity: 24/6
  • Size: Mini
  • Power: Manual
  • Sheet Capacity: 2-20 pieces
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Weight: 158g
  • Staple Size: 24/6
  • Number of Staples: 1,000 pcs. (Not included with the stapler, please add the staples to your cart when ordering)
  • Stapler Dimensions: 6.5cm-height*3cm-width*15.5cm-length



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